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48. The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein)

arr_pb_600x900-198x300This book was recommended by a friend and was not at all what I expected.  It was told entirely from the perspective of an aging dog, named Enzo. It was very interesting to have the canine perspective from this faithful dog whose devotion and love supported his family through both happy and challenging times.

Enzo was chosen by Denny as a puppy and was part of Denny’s life through his courting, marriage, the birth of his daughter, death and challenging custody battles. As the drama unfolded, Enzo looked out for his family as he slowly aged. Denny was an aspiring race car driver and throughout the story are analogies of living life in terms of car racing.

Enzo loves racing and television.  He feels that he is on earth to learn.  The story gives the reader a different perspective of the faithfulness and what dogs may be thinking as they live alongside their families. Enzo learns, reflects and describes his perspective never once wavering in his support for Denny.

This was a very interesting book. It makes one pause and consider the thoughts of our pets as well as the importance of staying the course through adversity and challenge. I would recommend this book but with a side of tissues (which will be needed towards the end).

“I saw a documentary once. It was about dogs in Mongolia.   It said that the next incarnation for a dog – a dog who is ready to leave his dogness behind – is a man.”

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