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26. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Diana Gabaldon)

MOBY-cover-final-US-201x300Thanks to my good friend, I started this Outlander series of books telling the story of Claire, a woman who went through the standing stones of Scotland to enter the time of the Highlander.  It was easy to get drawn into this time travelling series.  I read the first 7 books in succession and enjoyed the tale of Claire and Jamie Fraser, the Highlander that she fell in love with and followed through adventures of love and war.

Written in my Own Heart’s Blood is book # 8 and continues the tale of their time in America through war times.  The richly developed characters are supported by Claire who uses her skills as a physician as best as she can in the current times.

This series really needs to be read in order.  The books are full of detail and history.  They are a bit steamy at times and when reading in order, I found had somewhat repetitive descriptions (necessary when reading them with time in between).

I found that I really had to think of where the story left off in the previous book, which I had read over a year ago, and am curious to continue the tale in book # 9.


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