79. Forever (Judy Blume)

Unknown-1After finding out the Judy Blume is writing a new book (for adults) to be published this year, I thought that I would reread Forever.  This was the book that everyone wanted to read when I was a teenager.  It was passed around and it was a source of information for many teens.  I was surprised to learn that it was first published in 1975 but not that some schools and libraries had tried to ban it.

It is a story of a teenage girl and her first love.  It deals with sex, pregnancy, possibly homosexuality and death.  Although it is almost 40 years old, the content is current today and the parents in the novel were very open and honest.  It was fairly explicit and descriptive but identifies issues that would be good for discussion.

I enjoyed reading many of Judy Blume’s novels so am keen to read her newest novel, made for the adults who had enjoyed her books as teens!


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