73. The Rosie Effect (Graeme Simsion)

rosie-effect-9781476767314_lgThe sequel to the Rosie Project continues to entertain and amuse the reader.  In the second novel, Don and Rosie have moved to New York and are expecting a baby (BUD aka baby under development).  With Don’s social awkwardness, a whirlwind of unusual activities ensue over the gestation period, which, leave the readers scratching their heads.

Don struggles with the idea of becoming a father and in his own style begins a research project.  He designs a safe meal plan for Rosie and in a misguided attempt to study children is arrested in a park.  As a part a comedy of errors, he ends up seeing a social worker (one that he had previously insulted) and as part complicated web of lies asks a friend to impersonate Rosie at the counselling session.  He does this to avoid upsetting his wife but, of course, the web of deceit starts to unravel.

The couple are challenged in dealing with the silly situations as they prepare for the birth alongside an interesting group of friends.  Each of their friends are going through their own challenging situations adding to the confusion.  Don takes responsibility for trying to help his friends to sort out their own problems.  During the course of the novel, Don saves his friend’s business, helps two fathers repair their relationships with own sons and is involved in part of a suspected bomb threat on an airplane.

The story is really a comedy of errors compounded by Don’s black and white responses and social awkwardness.  It is funny and refreshing in it’s uniqueness.  In some ways, it reminds me of the constant drama of the Bridget Jones Diary novels.   As a reader who appreciates happy endings, I enjoyed the closure and the link to my favourite Christmas movie:  It’s a Wonderful Life.  This is a fun novel to enjoy over the holidays!

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