72. The Rosie Project (Graeme Simsion)

9781405912792_4After reading numerous reviews about the Rosie Project, I started this novel without any idea of what would unfold between the pages.  For some reason, after seeing a book cover with a bike on the front, I had the wrong idea that the story was about a man who is enamoured with his bicycle, named Rosie.  This could not have been further from the truth.

Although a bit slow to start, The Rosie Project tells the story of Don, a socially inept genetics professor.  He designs and starts a research project to find the perfect match for a wife.  After past negative dating experiences, he uses his scientific research skills to devise a survey.  He gets feedback on his survey from his few trusted friends and tries out some of the questions at a speed dating night.

Of course, the Wife Project does not necessarily work the way Don hoped.  He ends up meeting Rosie through his friend.  It turns out that she had not completed his survey – not only that, she is a smoker which was a non-starter for Don.  She is dealing with her own challenges, trying to find her father and Don assists her with her investigation, resulting in the dubious collection of DNA from a group of her potential fathers.  The two have interesting experiences and Don learns that surveys do not necessarily help to find the perfect match.  While Rosie appreciates his “notable behaviour”, Don struggles to become more main stream trying to change for Rosie.

The book is unique and easy to read.  It is an atypical romance from an awkward, man’s perspective.  It shows that sometimes those that are remarkably intelligent or book smart, struggle with other areas such as social graces.  Individuals have their own strengths but if they set their minds to a task, they can learn and grow.  I look forward to reading the second book, The Rosie Effect, and learning what happens with Rosie and Don!

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