70. The Mistletoe Promise (Richard Paul Evans)

mistletoe-promise-9781476728209_lg To start off my holidays, I picked up the Mistletoe Promise which was listed on the New York Times Best Seller List this week.  It was a light romance which told the story of a lonely travel agent, Elise, who met a handsome lawyer in the food court with an interesting proposition – to spend time together at holiday events with a contract lasting until Christmas Eve.

The couple signed a legal contract which specified the time spent together, daily gifts and payment for meals and events.  They enjoyed each other’s company and Elise began to open up about her challenging past with her abusive father and unpleasant ex-husband.  To her surprise, Elise begins to enjoy spending time with Nicholas and starts to trust him while secrets of their pasts start to surface.

The story was a light and easy to follow.  It did not require any deep thought and was a very quick read.  Although romance is not my first choice and it was a bit predictable, it was festive and I am a sucker for a happy ending!

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