66. Winter Street (Elin Hildebrand)

Unknown Since the Christmas season is fast approaching, I enjoyed the new Elin Hilderbrand novel today.  Like her other “beach reads” set in Nantucket it is an easy read filled with drama.  The story takes place for three days over Christmas.  Despite the fact that each family member is dealing with their own challenges everyone comes together to celebrate the holidays.

The drama begins when the owner, Kelly, finds his wife in the arms of the Santa Claus that has been attending their Christmas Eve party for the last 12 years.  Their son, the only character not home for the holidays is a marine fighting in Afghanistan and everyone is worried about his well-being.  Kelly’s original ex-wife ends up visiting and helping their 3 adult children deal with missing their step-brother and with their own issues which include a break up, a baby and insider trading.  Despite all the drama, the family enjoy carolling, good food and drink as they work through their issues.

Winter Street can be read quickly and has inspired me to get some Christmas decorations out as the holidays approach.  Like Hildebrand’s other novels, it makes the reader want to explore Nantucket – or better yet to be enjoying a beach read, on a beach!


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