62. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Jeff Kinney)

9781419711893_p0_v3_s260x420I don’t usually review children’s books but after meeting Jeff Kinney at the book fair, Brendan and I enjoyed this hilarious tale of a family road trip together.  It is hard not to relate to this busy family, with 3 boys, as they run into all sorts of situations on the road.  Brendan and I laughed and thought about our own road trips as we read this book.

In this book, the Heffley family head off on a road trip and EVERYTHING goes wrong. They are crammed into the van together, stay at a gross hotel, win a pig at a fair and encounter the “Beardo” family!  They end up with seagulls in their car, have mechanical problems and experience a minor accident.  The Heffley mom’s dreams of the perfect family road trip are ruined by problem after problem.

This book is a ‘laugh out loud’ book that is great to share with a child.  Like all of Kinney’s previous books, this is full of funny comics and relatable stories.  It was extra special since Brendan is so proud of his autographed copy with the hand drawn picture of Greg that the author drew.

Although we haven’t experienced such dramatic challenges as the Heffley family, I can hardly wait for our next road trip.  I have to admit that although we have not come home with a pig, we did win a short-lived gold fish at a St. Patrick’s day festival in Myrtle Beach and we also brought home our beautiful boxer, Dixie all the way from Myrtle Beach!

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