61. Larger than Life – A Novella (Jodi Picoult)


During the evening with Jodi Picoult, the author shared a lot of detailed information and stories about elephants.  Her respect and enthusiasm for these majestic animals, along with her devotion to stopping poaching was inspiring.  She shared her research and described her time spent in an elephant sanctuary in preparation for her newest novel, Leaving Time.  This novella describes Alice, the character who is missing in Leaving Time which is the next book on my list.

Alice, a successful scientist with a PhD from Harvard, left a research position studying monkeys for Africa to study elephants much to the dismay of her single mother.  After coming across the brutal aftermath of poachers, Alice rescues and nurses a baby elephant to health.  She learns, the hard way, about the consequences of intervening with nature.

It was vey interesting to learn more about elephants and I am looking forward to reading Leaving Time.  It has been difficult postponing this new novel so that the timing is right for book club!


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2 responses to “61. Larger than Life – A Novella (Jodi Picoult)

  1. Patricia Jay

    Leaving Time is an excellent read! The background and information on elephants make this a fascinating and informative book altogether.

  2. Good to hear, I am part way through and enjoying it so far. Did you see the blog post about the reading in Toronto with the author – she was a dynamic speaker!!

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