55. Where She Went (Gayle Froman)


A sequel to the book (and movie) If I Stay (#37), Where She Went picks up the story of Mia and Adam, three years after the fateful accident that killed Mia’s family.  To ensure that this was age appropriate for my daughter, I read this young adult novel and came to understand the effects of Mia and Adam’s grief as they lived their separate lives.

Mia’s physical wounds had healed and she had been accepted and graduated from Julliard.  She was living her dream of Cello performances yet was alone and experiencing survivor’s guilt.  Adam’s band had become a great success but he was alone, unhappy, not getting a long with the band, struggling with the attention of fans and journalists while self-medicating with cigarettes and prescription medications.  Both were lonely.  Both were grieving their loss alone.

Adam happened upon one of Mia’s performances and they spent the night visiting Mia’s favourite places in New York while tentatively talking about their “break up” and past.  Through this trip, the couple comes to understand the ramifications of Adam’s pleading promise to Mia as she decided whether to live or die following the accident.

This was an easy read and it was nice to find out what happened to the couple in the aftermath of the terrible accident.   As for age appropriateness, while there were adult-type references, there was no description of the actions.  It is really more a book for teens than pre-teens.

(241 e-pages)

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Filed under Fiction, Historical, young adult

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