51. The Children Act (Ian McEwan)

920x680Fiona is a high court judge who dedicated her childbearing years to building her successful career.  Her marriage has hit a rut, her husband has informed her that he is ready to have an affair and she is dealing with the aftermath of making ethical decisions for children in her courtroom.

She struggles to deal with the aftermath of her decisions which affect the welfare of minors.  One cases related to the decision to separate conjoined twins, a choice that results in life for only one sibling.  The current case involves a 17 year old boy who is part of the Jehovah’s Witness Church.  He and his family are refusing blood products which will lead to his death and Fiona must decide becoming part of the boys life story.

This was a quick read and describes the turmoil of Fiona who must live with making life altering decisions for others while dealing with her own marital decline.  The story was not as complex as the Atonement by the author but was an enjoyable read.

(377 e-pages)

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