47. This is Where I Leave You (Jonathan Tropper)

9780452296367In preparation for the movie, also named This is Where I Leave You, I thought that I would reread this book. It was very interesting reading it again, but this time visualizing the characters that were cast in the movie including:  Jason Batemen as Judd, Jane Fonda as the mother and Tina Fey as the sister, Wendy. This is Where I Leave You is full of family angst, sarcasm and frustration as each character struggles with their own issues in the midst of their family togetherness.

The novel starts with Judd, coming home to find his wife in bed with his obnoxious boss on her birthday.  Shortly after, Judd’s dad dies and he returns home along with his 3 siblings to sit Shiva for 7 days to fulfill his father’s last wishes. Spending a whole week together brings to light issues, both past and present, as the family is visited by an odd mix of family, friends and neighbours who pay their respects.

The novel is funny and entertaining as they come to terms with old grievances and their current situations. The descriptions and wording are obviously written by a male author but this coarseness suits the characters and the story. I look forward to watching the movie and comparing the book to the screen.

Movie Update:  This movie was actually even better than the book!!  Usually, movies based on books leave me disappointed  but this movie had great characters and was both hilarious and emotional. The casting was terrific and each character was dealing with their own set of issues.  The movie avoided the coarse descriptions of the book and followed the plot lines quite closely.   I would recommend that you take a night out and enjoy this movie as it is “laugh out loud” funny!

(352 pages)

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