42. Making Bombs for Hitler (Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch)

Unknown-7After attending the book launch (see previous blog post), Erin and I were inspired to read a selection of Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch’s books. We took turns finishing this novel during our holidays. In this companion book, a prequel to Stolen Child (#38), the reader understands what happened to the sister left behind.

Lida was sentenced to a work camp. She lied about her age, avoiding death in a “hospital” only to work long hours first in the laundry and subsequently doing the risky and delicate work of building bombs. Like her other novels, this novel teaches us part of the terrible history of WW2 and is a story of compassion, caring and hope as a group of children look out for each other in order to survive.

It is hard to believe that humans could treat others so terribly. It seems impossible that these actions (and worse) occurred in the last hundred years. This is another story that needed to be told and should be read by students everywhere!

(186 pages)


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