39. It Starts with Food (Dallas and Melissa Hartwig)

At my annual health check up, my doctor and I discussed healthy eating and the challenge of losing a few pounds. He recommended the book Good Calories Bad Calories and the website whole30. This website promoted the book It Starts with Food which is a 30 day plan to eat healthy choices and cut out carbohydrates. 

Although, I am skeptical of some of the “science” (i.e. leaking intestines), it has been very frustrating to learn that much of what we have learned about healthy eating (Canada’s Food Guide) and low fat eating may not be correct. This lifestyle change that the authors term a short-term nutritional reset cuts out added sugar (ice cream and chocolate will be difficult for me), dairy (I will miss my cheese) and carbohydrates in the form of grains (including complex grains, quinoa and legumes, of which whole wheat pasta will be missed). The book talks about the processed foods that are “designed to mess with your brain.  They are built to make you crave them.  They make it hard for you to give them up”.

The suggestion from this book is to try to eat healthy fats, vegetables and proteins for a month and then slowly add the other items back into your diet and assess how they make you feel. I do love vegetables but this healthy eating plan will be a challenge!

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