37. If I Stay (Gayle Forman)


If I Stay is coming to the theatre soon and was recommended by my daughter. She is also reading the book prior to going to the theatre. I read it to make sure it was age appropriate and so we could talk together about the book (although she continues to pester me to tell her what happens as she reads). This book was an easy (and quick) read but you DEFINITELY need a box of kleenex at your side!

This young adult novel, told the story of a family devastated by a car accident. As Mia fights for her life, she remembers snippets of her family life, her Cello playing and her relationship with her boyfriend. She reminisces about music camp, her parents lives and her audition to Julliard.  She “watches over” herself and her family and friends that love her as she decides whether to stay or go.

This is a serious story for a younger audience but a reminder of how important family is both day-to-day and when dealing with tragedy. I enjoyed the book but am not sure that I would care to cry through the movie at the theatre.  I think I will wait for it to be released so I can cry in the privacy of my own home!

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