36. Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck)

9780142000670_ofmiceEvery now and then, I feel the need to read a classic. This is a fairly quick read and has been a controversial part of high school curriculums. It is the sad story of Lennie, a mentally challenged man and his friend George who did his best to look out for him as they travelled to find work on a ranch. Lennie was a very large and child-like man who  loved soft things. He did not understand and could not control his own strength in situations of stress.

As the pair travelled, George looked out for Lennie, speaking for him and helping him to find a job that used his strength. George tried to keep Lennie out of trouble and would frequently repeat their dream of buying a farm, which animals that they would keep and how Lennie could look after the rabbits.

Life was not simple, and Lennie could not control his own strength leading to sad events. As George repeated their dream, he showed his strength and how much he cared for Lennie.  This was a sad tale of friendship and makes the reader consider what would happen next.

(156 e-pages)

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  1. Always loved this book, deep and meaningful.

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