31. Everything I Never Told You (Celeste Ng)

1395497261672This was a story of a family dealing with the mysterious death of their favourite daughter, Lydia. The story began when the family learned that Lydia was missing – Lydia who was very intelligent, dedicated and had goals of being a doctor. Each character is described and tells of events of the past which had profound influence on them and would eventually contribute to her death.

Lydia’s father was of Chinese descent and struggled after years of feeling separated from other students, separate from friendships and left feeling like an outsider. Her mother mourned the missed opportunities of education and a career. She was a stay at home mother and resented the ideals that her own mother had tried to instill. Her brother missed the attention of his parents and was leaving for Harvard in the fall and her younger sister seemed forgotten by the family. The book is filled with lost opportunities , regret and an inability to share feelings.

This book makes you think about how “every action has an equal reaction” and was an enjoyable read.


(407 e-pages)

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