29. Elizabeth is Missing (Emma Healey)

UnknownThis book, recommended by the CBC Tuesday afternoon book club, is written from the perspective of an elderly lady, Maud, who suffers from dementia.  As she tries to sort out scattered details by reading through the many notes that she has written and collected, the reader learns that she is searching for two women alternating between past and present. In the past, she tries to uncover what happened to her sister who disappeared after the war. In the present, she tries to understand what happened to her friend Elizabeth who is no longer living in her home. She deals with the loss over and over as she reminisces and remembers bits and pieces about her life while her daughter tries to help her and keep her safe and deals with the frustration of her mother who continues to ruminate that “Elizabeth is missing”.

Elizabeth is Missing, is a sad portrayal of dementia . It describes how Maud tries to keep bits of information straight with her notes so that she can understand what happened to two women that were important to her. It is thought provoking and an unsettling reminder of what could happen as we age. The reader can imagine themselves in the role of Maude or in the role of the daughter, her caregiver.   The Globe and Mail reported that this author is not even 30 years old yet she shows a deep understanding of dementia.

(384 e pages)


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2 responses to “29. Elizabeth is Missing (Emma Healey)

  1. The book was a very interesting read, dementia is frightening!

  2. It sure is! This book was a good depiction of the earlier stages of dementia.

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