28. The Hurricane Sisters (Dorothea Benton Frank)

TheHurricaneSistersIf you are looking for another easy, summer read, The Hurricane Sisters is one to bring to the beach.  It is set near Charleston, South Carolina and tells the story of a family struggling with baggage of the past and current issues of infidelity and abuse.

It would be difficult not to like, Maisie, the eccentric matriarch of the family who is having a relationship with a much younger man.  She has a strained relationship with her remaining daughter, Liz, who is experiencing issues with her stagnant marriage.  She adores her granddaughter, Ashley, a starving artist working in an art gallery but is worried about her relationship with a state senator.  The women’s lives spin out of control in the midst of hurricane season.  They come to appreciate their relationship and support of each other as they work through their issues and find forgiveness at the end of the storm.


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2 responses to “28. The Hurricane Sisters (Dorothea Benton Frank)

  1. Lisa

    Ohh! I’d like to read this one. I’ve visited Charleston a few times. Thanks!

  2. I’d like to go to Charleston too but we always have too much fun in Myrtle Beach to drive for 2 more hours!

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