22. The Wolf on Wall Street (Jordan Belfort)


Although this book is an autobiography, it is hard to believe that anyone could live the life of Jordan Belfort.  He chronicles his life of excess and his addiction to drugs, sex and alcohol while telling the story of his fraud within the stock market and money laundering.  The book has recently been made into a movie with the proceeds of the books, movie and speaking engagements intended to repay over $110,000,000 to investors.

Belfort ingested cocktails of drugs leading to having his stomach pumped and a stint in a rehabilitation center.  His substance abuse came peaked when he pushed his wife down the stairs and drove through his garage door with his young daughter in the car.  He tells the tale of entering rehab, deciding that he was finished with drugs and having no withdrawal symptoms leaving the reader to wonder if this is a bit of fiction.

The book characterizes the greed and excess of the Wolf on Wall Street and I will not be rushing to watch this movie about a selfish man who felt that he was above the law.  It is sad to think that he is profiting by telling his story and getting paid $30,000 for each speaking engagement.

(890 pages)



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2 responses to “22. The Wolf on Wall Street (Jordan Belfort)

  1. Avoid the movie at all costs! It’s super long. It’s the height of depravity and it “boasts” the record for the most uses of the word “f**k” in a mainstream non-documentary film. I believe the average is three times per minute. There are better ways to spend a summer evening. At least it’s a small consolation that the proceeds will go to the people he ripped off.

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