13. The 100 Thing Challenge (Dave Bruno)

Thinking that it was time to do some spring-cleaning, I thought that this book might just provide the incentive to downsize some of our possessions. As I started reading, it was not what I expected. I had surmised that the book would encourage de-cluttering, donating and getting rid of excess belongings but really, it was about a guy who decided to live with only 100 items – and apparently, this became a bit of a movement with others adopting and following his year long quest. He did not truly live with 100 items – he counted his library of books as one item, multiple pairs of underwear as one thing (probably good not to scrimp on skivvies) and any items that he shared with his family did not make the list. He did combat his consumerism and need to constantly buy things to make himself happy but I was disappointed with this book. While I think we can all decrease the “stuff” in our lives and live with less this was not a page-turner.


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2 responses to “13. The 100 Thing Challenge (Dave Bruno)

  1. Lisa

    I find these personal quest books a little self-indulgent sometimes, to be honest, but I did enjoy The Year of Living Bibically by AJ Jacobs. It was the right mix of funny, insightful and inspiring.

  2. Lisa – I totally agree… this author shared A LOT of personal information at times about his relationships. It is interesting how some of these personal quests start, become blogs and then books…

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