8. Labor Day (Joyce Maynard)


Labor Day by Joyce Maynard was a book club picked based from an article detailing books that would become movies this year.  It was a “coming of age novel” telling the story of a boy who lived with his mother that suffered from agoraphobia.  On the rare occasion of a shopping trip, the pair encounter a man who is bleeding and asks for a ride.  They take him home  only to discover he had escaped prison (not that they are overly concerned about this).  The relationship starved mother and the prisoner begin a romantic relationship which changes all their lives.  The reader grows to appreciate the prisoner as he cares for the family, does household tasks and even bakes pie!  The story expands to provide explanations of the crime, more detail of the boy’s life outside the home and the preparation for their escape to Canada.  It was an easy read with a happy ending but but I am not sure that I need to watch the movie!

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