2. The First Phone Call from Heaven (Mitch Album)


Reading The First Phone Call from Heaven was a disappointment after reading Tuesday’s with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  While it was still enjoyable, it did not make me reflect like his first two books which I had difficulty putting down.  This was a novel describing phone calls that came to residents of a small town who had lost loved ones.  One resident of the town, Sully, had recently been released from jail after a crime that he may or may not have been responsible for.  While he had had been incarcerated, his wife had died and he and his son were struggling to cope with life without her.  The little town filled with the media and those desperate to have hope that they could speak with their deceased loved ones as the man sought to discredit the calls.  The novel was interspersed with the history of the invention of the telephone. This historical information was appealing since I had lived down the street from the Alexander Graham Bell Homestead as a teen.  Overall, I enjoyed the book although it did not live up to the spirituality of his first two novels.

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